Invest better.
Live better.


We eagerly aim to invest in businesses that possess an intrinsic value that over time, exceed the initial price paid.

Q. How much money can I invest?
A. Any amount of money starting from 50.000 USD/Euros, up to 20 Million in liquidity, 50 Million USD in real estate or Ferraris.

Q. Can I have a custom-made plan?
A. Of course. You can ask for consulting and advice that is specific for you. We will design a precise plan that is doable and helps you achieve your goals.

WHAT IS MT Capital

MT Capital a financial institution principally engaged in investing in securities.
We are designed for long-term investment.

We are here to help you shrewdly invest your money in stocks, real estate, and Vintage Ferraris.
We are seasoned and experienced in these three areas and we make sure to stay in our lane. We will not advise you on things we are not knowledgeable about. Navigating in the investment world and industry is not easy and for non-professionals, it can even be dangerous.
We help you stay safe, invest more wisely, and live life to the fullest.


We make the extra-effort to provide to you with a margin of safety and the right attitude toward the market to achieve this goal.

Our clients are not considered just “clients” but partners. Together we thrive. To do so, we put our partners’ interests and plans first. We adhere to a high-code of ethics.
This isn’t just a job for us, this is our passion and we take it extremely seriously every day, always maintaining a high-standard of professionalism.
Due to this, not everyone is accepted just because they have the necessary finances; they must also share the same values as we do. The first step in becoming our ‘partner’ is getting to know you, your goals, and what is best for you and your family.
Asking you questions to understand your needs and wants is how we figure out the full picture. If your goals are attainable, we can accept your money and bring you on board, otherwise we can’t.

We invest and advise you only in fields we really understand


- What is and Why Value Investing is timeless and safe

- How to evaluate a business

- The accounting you need to assess Value

- How to read figures and numbers of a business

- Why and when to buy into its stocks

Many years ago I discovered the power of “Value Investing” combined with the wisdom of the greatest in the field: Warren Buffett. Almost immediately I started to intelligently allocate all the retained earnings of my business of the time, instead of spending them like most people do. It worked fabulously for me. At age 39 I was enough independent financially to stop working and start being a full time investor. Now I would love to pass along to you what I learnt. I’m convinced that with the right education Investing can be for everyone. It is learnable, it is teachable. You can learn how to buy the right stock and stay away from the losers. It is feasible to develop a plan to avoid bad financial habits and stay away from financial disasters. With the right mentor end education it is also possible to train yourself in having the proper attitude toward the market. And that is much more important than any technical skills. So join me for my one on one course on Value investing in stocks. I bet you too can learn how to achieve your financial goals, big or small.

First orientation meeting is free.


Our portfolio of stocks is intended to last and gain the best long-term profit. There is no thought of abandoning the unique, wonderful businesses we find and work with as we truly want to ensure the best possible outcome

We do truly believe in America and the American Business.
We believe in its numbers and even more so, we believe in how the people of every color, origin, religion have been able to make this country what it is today with their hard work, determination, and generosity. We have not gone and will not go against them or corporate America.
This is why we only invest in American businesses that we fully understand, through the medium of stocks. Our goal is to select for you the best and most profitable shares from the greatest economy in the world.


We are also fanatic about vintage Ferraris. For decades, our passion has led us to purchase outstanding models and advise passionate enthusiasts in finding the vintage Ferraris of their dreams.

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About our integrity, our ethics, our passion for business, and putting our clients first. Contact us right now, because now is when your future of financial well-being and happiness begins.